50 fun things to do before you're 11

Nature’s a funny thing. It can be slippery, smooth, furry or muddy. Sometimes, it stings. Or squawks. It messes up your hair and gets in between your toes. But everyone should experience it. Especially your kids.

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By The Scott's Team   | 3 min read

By The Scott's Team
3 min read

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Whether it’s making a dam in a stream, building a den or flying a kite on a windy hill, there are some experiences children just can't get from a games console. As well as keeping them physically active, exploring the great outdoors helps kids learn and encourages their cognitive development. On top of all that, it’s free!

Memory Games

So why not get them out and about with this downloadable wallchart, featuring 50 fun activities for you to tick off together.

After all, sharing discoveries with your little one is all part of being #momazing.

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By The Scott’s Team

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