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Squabbling, whining and incessant cries from the back of “are we there yet?” It’s a scenario most parents know only too well. So if those long car journeys with your kids are driving you to distraction, try turning them into fun learning experiences instead. Not only will it keep your little passengers amused (and you sane) – it could even give their brains a little boost too.

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By The Scott's Team   | 3 min read

By The Scott's Team
3 min read

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As every mom knows, the secret of surviving long trips with children is to plan ahead and keep plenty of fun ideas up your sleeve. To help make it easier, we’ve created a set of downloadable game cards for you to take along. Each one features a different activity to challenge and entertain your passengers. All you need to do is print them off, grab a few pens and you’re ready to roll. Happy travelling!

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By The Scott’s Team

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