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Little brains need plenty of exercis

We all want our children to succeed academically. But even budding Einsteins need plenty of time out from their studies. The good news is, encouraging them to get out in the fresh air for some exercise won’t just give their bodies a workout – it’ll do the same for their brains too.

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By The Scott's Team   | 3 min read

By The Scott's Team
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It’s not just a balanced diet and plenty of mental stimulation that helps boost children’s brainpower and cognitive development. Regular exercise, team games and physical activity can all have a positive influence on your child’s concentration, memory and behavior too. Not to mention improving their confidence, social skills and self-esteem.

Active bodies mean brighter brain

Physical activity boosts blood flow all over the body, including to the brain. This in turn helps build neural connections in the parts of the brain responsible for memory and ‘executive function’.

These are the areas that help kids not just to retain knowledge, but to plan and direct their actions too – all skills they need in school to control their impulses, concentrate on, and successfully complete their work.

Studies have shown that children who exercise more tend to be sharper mentally. And the positive effects of that exercise can be almost immediate. One piece of research found that kids scored higher on maths and reading comprehension tests after exercising for just 20 minutes.

Little Winners

More confidence and better moods

Studies have also found that physical activity increases children’s self-esteem and confidence. Their ability to manage challenging situations improves and, because exercise releases natural stress-fighting chemicals in the brain called endorphins, active children often enjoy a sunnier outlook on life generally.

And that’s not all. When it comes to interacting with their peers, taking part in team-based games can even help develop children’s social skills – as well as bringing any budding leadership qualities to the fore!

Sounder sleep

Tired-out moms everywhere will be interested to learn that kids who exercise regularly fall asleep faster – and stay asleep for longer! And, as we all know, getting enough sleep helps to lift our moods, improves our judgement, and boosts memory function too. Studies suggest that the more vigorous the activity, the bigger the sleep benefit is likely to be.

Your child doesn't have to be a football star or medal-winning gymnast to get the brain-boosting benefits of exercise. Everyday activities like riding a bike or just walking can help.

Better still, it’s a great excuse to get the whole family involved. Get in the habit of taking weekend nature walks or bike rides together. Try to make physical activity a part of all of your lives. Your bodies – and minds – will be healthier for it.

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