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It all starts back in 1873. Alfred B. Scott sets off for New York City with his partner Samuel W. Bowne in search of a new preparation method that will give cod liver oil a more agreeable taste.

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Our story begins in 1873, amid the bustling pony carts and street vendors of New York. Alfred B. Scott and his partner saw a business opportunity in the growing interest in cod liver oil. People were convinced of its great health benefits but put off by its poor taste, so the partners set out to create a more palatable version.

They began experimenting and invented the first emulsified version of cod liver oil, which was a significant breakthrough compared to other products. They called it ‘Scott’s Emulsion’ and the picture of a man carrying a fish on his back later became the product’s trademark.

‘The glow of health’

During the 1890s, the business was expanded to sell Scott’s Emulsion across the Americas, Europe and Asia. By the 1920s, the practice of giving children a daily dose of cod liver oil had taken off, after it was found to be one of the richest natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids (DHA + EPA), and vitamins A & D. These nutrients were later discovered to help support children’s brain development and healthy growth. In the 1950s, ‘The glow of health’ became the line used to advertise the product.

From past to present

Over time, Scott’s Emulsion may have evolved its look, but its health benefits remain the same. Today more than one million doses are given to children daily, all round the world.

Trusted by generations of Moms for over a century, Scott’s Emulsion helps celebrate those special #MOMAZING moments.

Quality in every spoonful

Cod liver oil has come a long way from the days when it was collected in great barrels of fermenting fish liver. Today we use state-of-the-art manufacturing methods to process the oil, but there’s one thing we will never change. That’s the pure fish oil we use to create products of the highest quality.

Our cod liver oil is sourced from wild cod swimming in Iceland’s pristine waters. Far from the rest of the world, Iceland’s seas are unpolluted, so fish are exposed to fewer contaminants. The five-step refining process further ensures that we maximise the purity of our products.

A sustainable future

We are passionate about preserving the environment and creating a sustainable future for the fishing communities in the area. For this reason, all our cod liver oil comes from regulated fish stocks, which are caught by methods that are safe and do not endanger other sea life. Respect for the environment shapes every decision we make, from how we source the fish to the renewable energy we use, and to the promise that no part of the catch goes to waste. This has helped us stand the test of time, and means we can continue the need to support good health around the globe long into the future.

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