Curiosity In Children - The Urge To Know More

Curiosity is a fundamental part of child development and while entertaining also relates to learning..the more curious a child is, the more he or she can learn.

Curiosity in children - The

urge to know more

Curiosity in children - The urge to know more

We all love the interesting and sometimes amusing curious questions kids ask.

Children of all ages can be curious, as curiosity is a trait we can develop to learn about the world around us. As such, it’s important to reward our kids’ curious nature and encourage it at all times.

Curiosity starts from as early as infancy - As new-born babies follow sounds and shapes with their eyes, despite not being able to show recognition. And 6-8 months old babies test out toys and objects by throwing or shaking them (sometimes even trying to taste or eat them!) just to see what they are and what the toys do.

When an infant develops into a toddler or small child, we can recognise more signs of curiosity. Inquisitive looks, a questioning tilt of the head, slight confusion when something unexpected happens – these moments show that your child is aware of their surroundings and want to know more about the world around them. It is up to us, as adults, to help ensure their surroundings are rich and exciting, nurturing their curiosity.

Here are a few guidelines which you could follow to encourage curiosity:

  • Let your child lead conversations when they are eager to learn more about topics interesting to them.
  • Ask your kids questions which can’t be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – This encourages our little ones to think before answering and elaborate based on their experiences.
  • Try not to answer their questions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer as well, so you can further teach kids when they do ask questions. Kids tend to enjoy ‘descriptive answers’ as this can further pique their curiosity

How about asking your child to describe their day today, or what they ate for lunch? But remember – there are no right or wrong answers!

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