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How much DHA is present in Scott's DHA Gummies?

How much DHA is present in Scott's DHA Gummies?
How much DHA is present in Scott's DHA Gummies?

How much DHA is present in a DHA Gummie?

Food rich in DHA
Food rich in DHA

Scott's DHA Gummies Fun Fact

Though small amounts of DHA is present in all fish and seafood, DHA is higher in oily fish, e.g. Mackerel and Salmon, and seafood such as Mussels, Oysters and Crabs.

Did you know that the DHA in Scott's DHA Gummies comes from high quality ultrapure fish oil!

Why is DHA important
Why is DHA important

Scott's DHA Gummies Fun Fact

DHA is a polyunsaturated Omega3 Fatty Acid that helps kid’s brains develop & function. It’s important as 90% of a child’s brain growth occurs by age 6!

Did you know a serving (3 Gummies) of Scott's DHA Gummies contain 40mg of DHA!

Scott's DHA Gummies in Orange and Strawberry flavours
Scott's DHA Gummies in Orange and Strawberry flavours

New Scott's DHA Gummies packs aren't just filled with the goodness of DHA.

'Blipp' your pack and watch it come alive!

How much DHA is present in 1 serving of Scott's DHA Gummies?

A serving (3 gummies) of Scott’s DHA Gummies contains 40mg of DHA, which can supplement the daily diet of children and help meet their daily DHA intake.*

* EFSA recommends 250mg of DHA daily intake to support normal brain development

Why should I give my child Scott's DHA Gummies?

As children grow older, they can tend to be more fussy about the supplements they are willing to take. Scott's DHA Gummies can be a great option, with its yummy taste and interesting sea creature shapes that help make kids consuming DHA fuss free for moms.

How can I give my child more DHA?

You can further supplement your child's daily diet with Scott’s Emulsion Original (Link to Our Products) to include more DHA in your child's daily diet.

What is the source of DHA, present in Scott's DHA Gummies?

The DHA in Scott’s DHA Gummies comes from high quality, ultrapure fish oil* that was stringently tested and conform to global quality and purity standards, including those established by the EU and US FDA.

*MEG-3© fish oil. MEG-3© fish oil is the highest quality available. With more thn 200 quality checks during manufacturing; MEG-3© products meet or exceed global hygiene, quality and purity industry standards.

Does Scott’s DHA Gummies taste and smell fishy?

Scott’s DHA Gummies taste great, thanks to the DHA microencapsulation technology which locks out the fishy smell and taste.

Why is DHA in Scott’s DHA Gummies microencapsulated?

The DHA in Scott’s DHA Gummies is microencapsulated with a technology that lock out the fishy smell and taste, while locking in the goodness of DHA.

What is microencapsulation all about?

Microencapsulation means that each oil droplet has its own protective shell (singlecore microcapsule). Many of these singlecore microcapsules are then further grouped together to form the multicore microcapsules.

With this Microencapsulation technology, we are able to:

– Lock in the goodness and benefits of fish oil

– Prevent the oxidation of DHA, thus protecting it from the manufacturing stresses

– Prevent fishy burps

– Avoid a fishy aftertaste

Is Scott’s DHA Gummies Halal certified?

Scott's DHA Gummies is halal certified by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia)

Is it suitable for vegans?

As the gelatin used for Scott's DHA Gummies is from bovine (cow) sources, it is not suitable for vegans. It also contains DHA which is derived from fish oil, as such not suitable for vegans.

Is it suitable for individuals with fish allergies?

As Scott’s DHA Gummies contain DHA derived from fish oil, it is not suitable for those with fish allergies.

How much sugar does a serving of Scott's DHA Gummies contain?

Scott’s DHA Gummies contain 5.6gms of sugar per serving (3 Gummies per day).

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