Just one spoonful of Scott's Emulsion

The Benefits of DHA Supplements for Kids

Just One Spoonful Of Scott's Emulsion

Just One Spoonful Scott’s Emulsion

Scott's Emulsion is made from cod liver oil, and contains Omega-3 fatty acids(DHA + EPA). Just one spoon of Scott’s Emulsion Original together with a well balance diet helps achieve 100%^ of the daily recommended amount of DHA plus EPA.
^RDI as per FAO/WHO 2010

What is the daily recommended intake of DHA and EPA?

The WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) recommend children consume the following DHA and EPA amounts daily:

Age Group

Recommended Daily Amount

6-24 months DHA: 10-12 mg/kg body weight
2-4 years DHA + EPA: 100-150mg
4-6 years DHA + EPA: 150-200mg
6-10 years DHA + EPA: 200-250mg
>10 years DHA + EPA: 250-2000mg

However – it’s really tricky to get the complete daily amount into your child’s diet from food alone, for example, your child would need to drink up to 8glasses of kids’ milk** to get one day’s daily amount!

*1 spoon = 15ml
One 15ml spoon = 1.48g of cod liver oil.
Scott’s Emulsion cod liver oil contains DHA 165.8/mg/15ml and EPA 165.8mg/15ml –ALS Ref.ALSM140762 dated 20 Oct 15.
**FAO/WHO 2010 (Average of 28 mg DHA+EPA per 250ml of growing-up milk formula

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