Feeding brains as well as tummies

Brain food and vitalmins to aid children's brain development

Feeding brains as well as tummies

Feeding brains as well as tummies

Give your little ones a head start by following a few simple guidelines for a well-nourished brain

Finding the sweet spot

There is evidence to suggest that too much sugar can influence hyperactivity and make it harder for little ones to concentrate. Too little, and they may feel tired and irritable, and find it hard to focus.

To maintain that balance, try incorporating ‘complex’ carbohydrates in to their diet, as these slowly release glucose into the blood. These include porridge, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, rye or brown bread, fruit and vegetables (ideally, not potatoes).

Avoid the Crash - Timing is Everything

Eating the wrong kinds of sugars at the wrong times of day can influence the attention span of your little one; stick to slow release healthier foods to avoid mid afternoon ‘crashes’.

Why DHA and EPA are important

DHA and EPA play a very important role during the first two years of life, supporting in the development of the brain and retina.

Essential fatty acids like LA and ALA are precursors of DHA and EPA, and these are essential because our bodies cannot synthesize them and thus we depend on diet for their adequate intake.

Little ones need at least two portions of oily fish a week (mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies, tuna steak and salmon are all good), in order to get enough Omega-3 and therefore DHA to aid brain development. To sneak in a little extra, you can also sprinkle a few sesame seeds or walnuts onto their food.

Five a Day

Try to feed little ones the WHO recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Fruits and veggies are packed with multiple micronutrients to support overall health and wellbeing. You can further supplement any gaps by also giving your child Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles.

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