The power of play

Cognitive Development in Children

The power of play

The power of play

It takes more than a healthy diet rich in Omega-3 to build a superhero; a strong imagination and love of playing are important too.

Were you scared of the monster under the bed? Maybe you had an imaginary friend?  Whether with a sibling, friend, or alone, a child with a vivid imagination is something to be nurtured and encouraged.

Why is play so important? Because it:

  • Broadens the way little minds work
  • Aids cognitive development
  • Helps with social interaction, social skills and competence
  • Protects teddy from the monsters in the cupboard!

Playing isn’t just for kids, either. Get involved! From infancy to old age, imaginative play is linked to positive mental wellbeing. You’re never too old for playtime!

Playing like this not only helps the brain develop in more functional and positive ways, but leads to a more sophisticated level of interaction with other people and environments.

This type of play is all about exploration, imagination and wonder…it might not give them actual superpowers, but it will build and satisfy curiosity, broaden the way they think, and improve speech and language. It also helps with listening if teddy answers back!

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