Brain games to play in your car

Brain games to help aid kids brain development

Brain games for long journeys

Brain games for long journeys

“Are we there yet?” is a phrase most parents know only too well. Why not turn those long journeys into fun learning experiences with these games.

To stop your children sitting in the back seat of your car getting bored, print off some of our game boards and teach them how to play a game. Each game challenges and entertains little passengers, so grab some pens and off you go!

Alphabet Game

Staring with ‘A’, each player looks out for something beginning with A, and when they’ve spotted something they cross out the letter on their board and move on to B. The first player to reach Z is the winner!

Backseat Bingo

Simply print out our Backseat Bingo boards, give each child a pen, and the first one to spot and cross off all the items on the board is the winner! Don’t forget they have to shout “BINGO” when they are all crossed out!

Car Pool

No time for printing? No problem! Transform a boring highway into a colourful ‘pool table’ with this simple observation game:

  • Each player picks a car colour
  • Once decided, each player takes it in turns to spot 7 cars in their chosen colour, followed by a black one.
  • Watch out though – If another player spots a white car while someone else is playing, their turn is over and the turn passes to the next player! 

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