Getting them to take their medicine – The easy way

How to Get Kids To Take Medicine

Getting them to take their medicine

The easy way

Getting Them to Take Their Medicine – The Easy Way

Kids often refuse to take their medicine. It’s not always easy but, with a little ‘creativity’, you can usually find a way to make the medicine go down.

Sometimes it’s hard to get your little ones to eat what’s good for them, so it’s time to start using some tricks. Whether veggies or medicine, here’s how to disguise them:

Give them choices

Give your children choices about how they take their medicine. In a china teacup? With a special spoon? Before they watch cartoons? Let them think they’re in the driving seat and you won’t have a problem!

Let them play doctor

Try playing doctors with your little ones. Pretend to give the medicine to a doll or stuffed animal first, and then try ‘treating’ them. Or let your child treat their doll before themselves.

Planes, trains and automobiles

It’s an old method but it works! If your little one turns up their nose at the spoon, offer it in a dropper or a dosage cup instead, and pretend it’s an aero plane flying in to deliver the medicine, complete with sound effects. If that doesn’t work, try a choo-choo train, or a racing car!

Master the art of camouflage

Ask your pharmacist if it’s okay to hide your child’s medicine with food. Crunch their tablets up into peanut butter, or mix the medicine into a little ice cream or fruit-flavoured yoghurt. But remember – they need to eat (or drink) it all to get the benefit!

Ice is nice

If you have older children, numb their taste buds first by getting them to suck an ice cube before taking the medicine – then let them wash it down with a drink afterwards.

You could also try giving them the products in a different form, such as Scott’s Cod Liver Oil Capsules for kids 6 years and older, or Vitamin C Pastilles (please refer dosage and instructions)

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