Playing with memory

Memory Games for Kids to Aid Memory Development

Playing with memory

Playing with memory

Keeping your child’s brain active is important as well as enjoyable! Check out our list of fun memory games you can play with your little one. As well as these games, make sure they get their daily spoon of Scott’s Emulsion to keep them on top of their game!

Here are some fun ideas for kids aged 3-6years.


This game is a great way of training little brains! If you use playing cards they’ll also have to remember the numbers, so teacher will be pleased!

  • Print the above cards & cut them out.
  • Spread the cards out, face down on the table.
  • Each player turns over 2 cards, looking for a matching pair.
  • If the cards match the player keeps the cards & has another turn. If not, replace them face down on the table.
  • When there are no cards left, the player with the most matching pairs is the winner!

The tray game

Help develop the visual memory with this classic party game.

  • Take one tray and cover it with small objects from around your home, and give a pen and paper to each child
  • Put the tray on a table and give them one minute to memorise all the objects.
  • When the minute is up, remove the tray and ask the children to write down as many of the items as they can remember.
  • Whoever correctly remembers the most is the winner!

The memory train

This simple game is great for long journeys! Repetition helps with memory and you’ll be surprised how much little brains can remember!

  • Sit all the players in a circle
  • The first player says: “In my basket for the picnic, I packed…” and picks something they took to the picnic e.g., a sandwich.
  • The second player says “In my basket for the picnic, I packed…” and repeats the previous player’s item (sandwich), and adds one of their own, e.g. banana.
  •  Keep going until someone forgets an item – then they’re out and you start again!

The magic cup

This concentration game is great for little and big brains! Children good at concentrating, focus well during lessons at school!

  • Take three identical cups and something small like a coin
  • Turn the cups upside down and hide the coin under one of them
  • Shuffle the cups around, remember don’t move them too fast!
  • Ask your child which cup the coin is underneath!
  • Once they’ve answered correctly you can ask them to hide the coin themselves, and it’s your turn to concentrate!

Spot the difference

Help develop concentration and visual memory – you could ask little ones to write down their answers to make it a little more difficult!

  • Stand in front of the players; ask them to study you carefully.
  • Leave the room, remove or add something e.g. Take off an earring or change your shoes.
  • Come back into the room - can they notice what’s changed?

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