Making Kids Brighter 

Learn how Scott’s can help your child’s mental development with our tips

The power of play

It takes more than a healthy diet rich in Omega-3 to build a superhero; a strong imagination and love of playing are important too

Why Is DHA important for children?

Did you know 90% of your child’s brain development takes place by age 6! We all know DHA plays an important role in supporting this development, but what does it actually do?

Help your child's development with Scott's Emulsion's blend of Cod Liver Oil, containing Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA+EPA), Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Calcium.

Active bodies support active minds

Even little Einsteins need a break sometimes! Getting out in the fresh air for some exercise won’t just give their bodies a workout – it’ll help their brains too.

Playing with memory

Keeping your child’s brain active is important as well as enjoyable! Check out our list of fun memory games you can play with your little one

Try our delicious soft chewy pastilles with natural berry juice. They are a fun and tasty way to help reach your child's Vitamin C requirements.

Feeding brains as well as tummies

Give your little ones a head start by following a few simple guidelines for a well-nourished brain

Brain games for long journeys

“Are we there yet?” is a phrase most parents know only too well. Why not turn those long journeys into fun learning experiences with these games.

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Making Kids Healthier

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